Two liquor seizures in a week in Fort Good Hope, say RCMP

Police in Fort Good Hope say they have seized liquor on two separate occasions this week, but have yet to make arrests in the ongoing investigations.

In a news release on Wednesday, RCMP said the first seizure came on Sunday and involved close to 50 bottles of alcohol, found while responding to a call about an alleged impaired driver. Police said 46 375-ml bottles of vodka were seized.

Earlier on Wednesday, a second seizure – involving 25 identically sized bottles of vodka – took place, police said. That seizure was also said to include a 40-oz bottle of vodka and smaller quantities of mixed shooters. RCMP said the second seizure followed a tip that a person travelling to the community would be bringing alcohol in excess of the amount allowed under the NWT Liquor Act.


“Alcohol is restricted in Fort Good Hope to protect its most vulnerable citizens. Any seizure is a dent in potential calls and violence related to intoxication,” said Sgt Steven Huff in the news release.

Huff thanked residents of Fort Good Hope, adding the seizures would not have been possible without their help.

To report suspicious activity, contact Fort Good Hope RCMP at 598-1111 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.