With no home after fire, Dettah family relies on local support

A family of three who lost their home and belongings in a fire on Monday thanked community members for their support as they search for a new place to live.

Katrina Stiopu said she was “still trying to process everything that’s happening” when reached on Wednesday. She was celebrating a family member’s birthday on Monday when, at around 7pm, she noticed the family’s camper near Dettah was on fire.

The family lost everything, she said, including clothing, personal items, winter gear, and belongings of a relative who had stayed at the home.


For now, Stiopu said, the three are staying with family and friends while she searches for a more permanent arrangement. Once they have somewhere to live, “we will need really anything for a home,” she said.

Friends are collecting donations and an online fundraiser is being planned by Dolly’s Dene Designs for this Saturday.

Remnants of the home Stiopu and her family lost to a fire Monday night

Remnants of the home Stiopu and her family lost to a fire on Monday night are seen in an image posted to Facebook.

“Escaping the fire with only the clothing on their backs, they need all the help they can get,” owner Dolly Martel wrote on Facebook. “I will start by fundraising my personal crafts made by myself or other artists early Saturday morning.”

Nobody was hurt in the fire, which was first reported by NNSL.


“I’m grateful that we’re OK and I’m grateful for the help we’ve received,” Stiopu told Cabin Radio.

Stiopu and her family can be contacted by email or donations are being received at 2025 Sissons Court in Yellowknife. She said immediate needs include household items, women’s and men’s clothing (large pants, 2XL women’s shirts), towels, blankets, and sheets.