Review after man escapes custody outside YK courthouse

Police will review how a prisoner came to briefly escape from officers while being led into Yellowknife’s courthouse four days ago.

RCMP said the prisoner was only at large for “moments” after breaking free from officers on Saturday, December 7, while being escorted into the courthouse for an appearance.

Jacob Smith-Lafferty was named by police as the prisoner in question. He will now face a charge of escaping lawful custody.


Describing what took place in a statement issued on Wednesday, police said: “During the escort … from the police vehicle to the courthouse cells, the handcuffed prisoner escaped custody. A short foot pursuit ensued, however the prisoner remained at large.

“Yellowknife detachment members were immediately called to assist and located the prisoner moments later in an apartment building near downtown Yellowknife.

“The prisoner was brought back into custody and no-one was injured during this incident.”

Police confirmed the detachment had “initiated an incident review of the matter.”