Forget electric cars, electric huskies are on the way

Last modified: January 17, 2020 at 6:30am

A South China Morning Post video on YouTube suggests “electric dog sleds” have become an attraction in the country.

Automation is even coming for the huskies.

A Hong Kong-based newspaper suggests dog sleds pulled by electric dogs are “the latest trend in China.”

Video published by the South China Morning Post earlier this month shows sleds each pulled by two extremely fake Alaskan Malamutes.


The dogs bob their heads in unison, looking more like they’re moshing than mushing, as tourists are pulled lazily across the ice.

The South China Morning Post reported the attraction represented a “ride on budget” for people who sign up. It’s not clear how widespread the activity is, beyond what can be seen during the clip.

“People were amused by the entertainment,” the newspaper wrote.

Despite the, er, apparent advances in dog automation, the NWT’s tourist mushing industry is probably safe for now.

Yellowknife Airport posted record numbers of visitors from China in 2018-19, when 19,446 travellers from the country passed through (compared to 81,044 “non-resident visitors” from other parts of Canada).