Police report seizing liquor heading into Délı̨nę

Last modified: February 3, 2020 at 4:42pm

Police said on Monday they had seized dozens of liquor bottles and cans in a traffic stop on the ice road heading into Délı̨nę.

Délı̨nę RCMP said the seizure included 20 375-ml bottles of vodka, one bottle of whiskey, 24 cans of beer, and six coolers. The liquor was recovered from a vehicle on Saturday.

The driver and a passenger are facing charges under the Liquor Act, an RCMP news release stated.


Detachment commander Cpl Philip Unger stated the sale of alcohol was “very concerning” and could not be tolerated by the community.

“This seizure helps in reducing the harm caused by illegal alcohol in Délı̨nę,” he said.