Délı̨nę police seize liquor for second time in a week

Last modified: February 7, 2020 at 4:21pm

A Thursday evening traffic stop on the winter road leading into Délı̨nę resulted in alcohol seized and two facing charges.

The seizure of 20 375 ml bottles of vodka and 12 cans of beer was the second in a week. Monday police seized 20 bottles of 375 ml Smirnoff vodka and other liquor bottles. Both liquor seizures happened as a result of traffic stops on the road.

In a news release Friday, police issued a reminder of the rules governing alcohol into the Sahtu community.


Within 24 hours, people can only bring one of the following into the community:

  • 1,140 ml of spirits and 12 355 ml cans of beer
  • 1,140 ml of spirits and two litres of wine
  • 12 355 ml cans of beer and two litres of wine
  • 24 355 ml cans of beer and one litre of wine

Police also saw open alcohol in the Thursday evening seizure, reminding residents that breaking open and consuming alcohol during transport is illegal.

Both the driver and a passenger were each issued tickets and are facing charges under the Liquor Act.