Team NT reveals uniform for Whitehorse 2020

Figure skating Emily Hazenberg models Team NT's Whitehorse 2020 uniform
Figure skating Emily Hazenberg models Team NT's Whitehorse 2020 uniform. Sarah Pruys/Cabin Radio
Ollie Williams reveals Team NT’s Whitehorse 2020 uniform with Emily Hazenberg.

“You could definitely say it is bright,” declared Sport North’s Whitney Weaver as Team NT’s walkout uniform for the 2020 Arctic Winter Games opening ceremony was revealed on Thursday.

Once again produced by Karbon, the 2020 uniform pairs a dark-blue jacket with bright green zips and snowpants. Fur on the jackets’ hoods comes from the NWT’s Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur program.

The uniforms will be worn by 388 members of Team NT at next month’s opening ceremony, said Sport North executive director Doug Rentmeister.

“A pet peeve of mine is seeing walkout uniforms that are primarily the same, Games to Games,” he said at an afternoon unveiling of the team’s 2020 look.



“We worked with Karbon to select a combination that would highlight the uniqueness of the NWT and these Games.”

The darker colours represent the night sky in the NWT, Rentmeister said, with lighter highlights representing the northern lights.

The bright green snowpants continue a theme established in 2016, when similarly standout turquoise pants were produced for that year’s Games in Greenland.

“Everyone will see us when we go to the Games,” said communications officer Weaver.



There is also a hoodie with an early-90s throwback feel.

Rentmeister declared 2020’s look a hit, saying athletes already appeared “exceptionally eager” to receive their walkout gear and parents had been asking how to buy items once the Games are over.

Figure skater Emily Hazenberg told Cabin Radio: “I love it all. It’s really great.”

Athletes at the Games must wear the full walkout uniform to the opening ceremony, but then ordinarily engage in trades with other contingents throughout the week. The Arctic Winter Games includes nine teams from Canada, the United States, Scandinavia, and Russia.

Whitehorse 2020 begins on March 15 and runs until March 21. Cabin Radio will provide daily coverage of Team NT’s efforts at the Games.