Accident closes YK’s Deh Cho Boulevard in snowy conditions

Last modified: February 13, 2020 at 4:55pm

At least one tractor trailer appeared to slide into a ditch as snow hit Yellowknife on Thursday afternoon, closing a key road for the city’s truck traffic.

Deh Cho Boulevard was closed from Blackberg Drive to Highway 3 as of 4pm with emergency responders on the scene. Municipal enforcement officers could not say if anyone had been hurt.

Precisely what occurred was not clear.


Two tractor trailers could be seen, at least one appearing to have come to rest in a ditch by the side of Deh Cho Boulevard.

A white van, in what may have been a separate incident, was also being pulled from the ditch nearby.

There was no word as to when the road might reopen.

Driving conditions were worsening in the late afternoon as snow fell steadily across the city.

Deh Cho Boulevard is used by many tractor trailers at the start of their journey north to the ice road and the territory’s three diamond mines.


Activity on the winter road had been paused as of Thursday afternoon owing to the weather conditions, a statement on the road operator’s website said.

Environment Canada had earlier placed Yellowknife under a snowfall warning, with up to 15 cm expected by the end of Thursday.

Sarah Pruys contributed reporting.