Days into a new job, Yellowknifer discovers she has cancer

Just a week into a new job in January, Yellowknife resident Jennifer Singerling found out she had cervical cancer.

Since she doesn’t yet qualify for benefits, sick time, or disability with her new company, her friends have rallied to help her and are encouraging the community to do the same.

A GoFundMe campaign set up for Singerling hopes to raise at least $5,000.


“She’s always smiling. She’s always happy. She has a great sense of humour,” said Shelby Hamilton, a friend who spoke to Cabin Radio on Singerling’s behalf and with her permission.

“She’s always joking around with everybody and everybody feels comfortable with her. She always want to help everybody.

“She’s had a lot of challenges in her life and she’s overcome a lot of stuff. So with this happening, it’s kind-of been like a kick to the head.”

The diagnosis had been “pretty devastating” to the 36-year-old, Hamilton said. She had been with Singerling when the doctor called.

“She went for her normal physical and came back with this diagnosis,” Hamilton said.


The funds will be used to help Singerling cover basic costs like food and utilities. While she has applied for unemployment benefits, they have yet to come through and are not expected to cover much more than her rent.

Singerling, originally from Fort Providence, was supposed to have scans completed in January. The fundraiser states a mix-up at the clinic meant those appointments are only taking place this week.

If the cancer has not spread, Singerling will undergo a radical hysterectomy, which has a recovery time of six to eight weeks.

If it has spread, she’ll start radiation treatment immediately. 


Hamilton said she will continue to provide updates via the GoFundMe page.