How Cabin Radio is responding to the coronavirus pandemic

Cabin Radio will keep key services available throughout the coronavirus pandemic while making changes to help ensure the safety of our amazing staff and volunteers.

From the morning of Thursday, March 19, our Yellowknife office and studios will be entirely closed to the public and all staff or volunteers.

Cabin Radio’s live stream will continue 24/7. However, the studio closure is likely to mean many of our shows – particularly in the evenings – are cancelled from Thursday until further notice.


Mornings at the Cabin will broadcast as usual each weekday from 7am till 9am. Jesse Wheeler and Scott Letkeman will continue to bring you important information in the show’s usual informal and entertaining style. They will have exclusive use of Studio One and will take appropriate social distancing measures. You can listen live or get the daily podcast. Scott will also broadcast from Studio One 9am-12pm daily; Andrew Goodwin will have exclusive use of Studio Two and broadcast each weekday afternoon.

Cabin Radio’s website will continue to operate as normal. Reporters are already working from home and this website will continue to provide a constant, trusted source of northern journalism, with links to important official guidance from the chief public health officer. We will work to report not only on Covid-19 but also on the many good things continuing to happen in the NWT, including the efforts of our communities to come together during this hard time. We are hiring two additional journalists in the next two weeks to improve our reporting capacity. To support our coverage, you can become a Patreon donor from $1/month here.

Covid Corner, a Facebook live video hosted by Ollie Williams daily at 7pm, will round up all the news NWT residents need to know each day, set out in easy-to-understand terms with guidance on where to get more information. Each show will do its best to provide light entertainment, too, to put some smiles on faces as we get through the unprecedented situation we are collectively in.

In addition, some Cabin Radio shows currently recorded off-site are able to continue as normal as they do not require studio access. Those shows will continue to broadcast at their hosts’ discretion.

We are taking these steps to ensure our audience has a range of daily services available, not just for news but also for support and entertainment as many of us cope with increasing isolation.


At the same time, we are minimizing physical exposure to ensure we’re doing our part against Covid-19. We encourage everyone to follow all official guidance, take as many precautions as you can, stay safe, and be good to your friends, family, and neighbours.

Thanks for tuning in to Cabin Radio and our website.