NWT town tells residents ‘don’t hit up wing night or crush pitchers’

Hay River reminded residents of the importance of social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic by providing an unusually direct list of things to do, and not do.

The brief list, posted to the Town of Hay River’s Facebook page on Thursday, states residents are encouraged to still “eat” but should not “hit up wing night and crush pitchers.”

The Town also suggests people come home from international trips but, once back, do not leave their homes to show off their “$3,000 tans.”


Socially distant exercises – like lone walks along outdoor trails and virtual push-up challenges – are recommended. Do not invite friends and family to join you for hikes or try “sweaty big gains” at the gym, the Town states.

Hay River municipal staff invited residents to add their own dos and don’ts to the list in the same fashion. At the time of writing, residents appeared to have socially distanced themselves from doing so.

As of Thursday morning, there remain no confirmed Covid-19 cases in the NWT. So far, 153 tests have come back negative.

At least a further 119 tests were still being analyzed as of Wednesday afternoon.