Bereft of shows, NACC launches fundraiser to help musicians

The NWT’s Northern Arts and Cultural Centre is trying to raise $16,000 to help local artists in a mentorship program who are losing money to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Each year, the centre – known as NACC – runs a mentorship program to help a range of local musicians and performers launch their careers. This year, eight artists are involved.

NACC says federal assistance for out-of-work performers isn’t enough to cover the North’s cost of living. On Wednesday, the centre launched a campaign to raise $2,000 for each of the eight by April 8.


The artists are Karen Novak, JD Hollingshead (aka aMoral house of cards), Kiera-Dawn Kolson, Wesley Hardisty, Martin Rehak, Crook the Kid, MIRAJ, and Miranda Currie.

“NACC is feeling the hit from the cancellations, yes, but our performers need your help first,” the centre wrote on an online fundraising page.

“NACC is asking patrons to donate to a fund to help our mentees cover living expenses through this difficult time. Government funding at the moment isn’t enough.

“For a little more than the cost of an adult ticket to a season show, we could achieve this with 300 donations of $50. That’s just one sold-out house at NACC.”

All shows at NACC in March and April have been cancelled, as have touring shows in the territory overseen by the centre.


As things stand, NWT fiddler Hardisty’s show on May 15 will be the next event at the centre’s Yellowknife theatre.

“With respect to shows after April 30, we will continue to monitor the situation closely,” the centre said last week.