More than 150 GNWT staff ask for Covid-19 redeployment

The NWT’s finance minister says 164 territorial government staff have so far applied for a temporary transfer to positions helping the fight against Covid-19.

The territory has been asking non-essential staff, currently working from home, to sign up online if they’re happy to redeployed. Minister Caroline Wawzonek on Friday said 24 of the 164 had so far been offered and accepted redeployment as a result.

“We are continuing to match the transferable skills of those who volunteered, and more offers will be made,” said Wawzonek on Twitter.


Ten of the first 24 are being sent to help staff the NWT’s phone lines, which have been creaking under the pressure of hundreds of calls about issues like Covid-19 testing or self-isolation plans.

Nearly 1,800 self-isolation plans have now been filed by different NWT residents, the territorial government said on Friday.

Around 2,500 people have completed the NWT’s online Covid-19 self-assessment tool.

“The tool will help assess any symptoms, travel history, and other variables to help you know what you should do to protect yourself and your community,” the NWT government stated.

It doesn’t collect personal information and you can complete it for someone else if they require it.