IRC maxes out family emergency fund, says more coming

The Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC) has allocated all of its initial emergency cash to help families during the pandemic, and is now searching for more funding.

The IRC, which supports six NWT communities, had $448,000 in its Inuit Child First Initiative. The corporation said staff had been “working steadily at all possible hours,” distributing money to families living both in and out of the settlement region.

The money funds one-time bulk orders of groceries and cleaning supplies for families in self-isolation.


The IRC said 320 families were helped before the money, which came from an emergency federal government fund, was fully distributed and applications closed.

Families already approved will still receive the sum they were promised. The money is applied as credit at local grocery stores.

Families who applied and haven’t heard back yet will find out if their application was successful within the next few days.

“If you have children and needed the support but missed out … more support is coming,” the IRC stated, saying it “understands we have individuals and families living in poverty and in need.”

The IRC says more funding to help people during the Covid-19 pandmeic is being negotiated under a range of programs for all beneficiaries.


“Patience will be required. Stay healthy and follow all recommended precautions,” the IRC continued, pledging a further announcement when additional funding is confirmed.