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In Yellowknife? Play Cabin Radio’s Easter egg hunt!

Ollie with a Cabin Radio Easter egg
Watch Ollie introduce the Easter egg hunt.

If you’re a Yellowknife family searching for things to do this Easter weekend, how about earning yourself the chance to win Cabin Radio swag?

Cabin Radio’s Sarah Pruys has hidden 10 Easter eggs around the city. The first one is easy – Ollie gives it away in the video above. Watch the video to find out more about the contest!

You have until 6pm MT on Monday to find all the eggs. Each egg bears a clue to the next one on the list! Once you get back to the start, you should have 10 on your list.

Enter by sending the list of all 10 eggs and their locations to You can also message our Facebook page with the list. Even better, snap a photo with each egg and send those in too!



All complete entries will be placed into a draw for one Cabin Radio swag bag featuring a hoodie, two tees, two hats, two mugs, and temporary tattoos and stickers. The prize will be dropped off at a later date (you may need to be a little patient with us during the pandemic).

Make sure your entry is in by 6pm on Monday. We’ll pick a winner on Tuesday morning.

Remember to stay the heck away from everybody else while you’re outdoors playing the game. And no groups of 10 or more at a time, under the NWT’s new rules. Cabin Radio staff and volunteers, and their close relatives (parents, siblings, kids) cannot enter to win the prize, but can still try to find all the eggs!

(Having trouble finding a clue? If a clue doesn’t make sense, or if you think an egg may have been damaged or gone missing, contact us and we’ll help you out.)



Update: Sunday, April 12

We’re hearing reports our egg at the snow castle may have vanished! Here’s the clue from that egg. If you can’t find the snow castle egg, don’t worry – we’ll add it to your score.

Rockin’ around in the sand
Listening to your favourite bands,
Is where you will find the next clue,
Before you bid the site adieu.