At Home Together: Yellowknife making map of community displays

In an effort to boost community spirits, the City of Yellowknife is making a digital map showing homes that have created displays supporting essential workers.

Whether it’s Christmas lights, posters in windows, or other types of decorations, the displays are a reminder that “we are at home together,” the City said in a news release.

The map will show Yellowknifers where they can find decorated houses in their part of town.


Dave Zethof, the City’s special events coordinator, said it’s important for everyone to show support for those working on the front lines during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“They’re the only ones out there working right now,” he said. “They’re providing our essential needs and keeping us safe and healthy.”

Zethof hopes the map will give everyone in the city a chance to remember that “we are all in this together.”

“The weather is getting better so get out there and walk, and hopefully this map helps you enjoy it a bit more and gives families something to do,” he said.

A first version of the map will go live this Friday. Those who want to participate can email with their address, a short note about their display, and an optional photo.

Zethof said he will update the map as he receives submissions.

If you don’t currently have anything up, the City has some suggestions. You could put up Christmas lights, create lawn displays, or maybe put something friendly in your window like teddy bears or hearts.


“I’ve already had an entry from somebody that painted a stained-glass mural on their window,” Zethof said. “[It’s] anything creative that people want to do.”