Inuvik residents charged after $40K in crime proceeds seized

Natasha Jacobson and Aaron Kay have been charged with possessing property obtained by crime and with breaching existing bail conditions.

Inuvik RCMP seized approximately $40,000 in cash gained from unspecified crimes from two Inuvik residents earlier this week.

The police were at the Mike Zubko Airport on April 28 for an unrelated reason when they saw 20-year-old Natasha Jacobson, who they suspected of being associated with drug trafficking.

RCMP arrested Jacobson, and their investigation led them to also arrest 38-year-old Aaron Kay at an Inuvik residence following the execution of a search warrant.

The search of the residence and luggage had revealed the cash and multiple cell phones, which RCMP seized.



Both Jacobson and Kay were on bail release at the time of their arrests. They have both been charged with possessing property obtained by crime over $5,000 and breaching their release conditions.

The two are set to appear in territorial court In Inuvik this week.