Watch: Eva, 95 this year, prepares for YK’s Alzheimer’s walk

Eva Henderson will be walking for her friend, Norm, in the Walk for Alzheimer’s coming up at the end of May.

Yellowknife resident Eva turns 95 this year. Norm and her husband both passed away last year.

To prepare for the walk, Eva has been making short trips out of her home each day to build up stamina. Audrey, her daughter, says Eva is determined to do as much as she can.


“If you don’t keep moving, you can seize up altogether. You’ve got to keep moving,” Eva told Cabin Radio.

Walk organizers across Canada are telling participants that while they can’t walk together with physical distancing rules in place, they can still walk.

You can find out more about Yellowknife’s walk on the Walk for Alzheimer’s website.