Yellowknife Takeout Week is here! Go get food, win great prizes

Last modified: June 10, 2020 at 7:19am


Yellowknifers can win a $1,000 gift certificate by grabbing takeout from any local restaurant during the first-ever Yellowknife Takeout Week, starting June 10 and running until June 17.

Cabin Radio, Canadian Tire, and Trevor’s Independent Grocer have joined forces to support eateries in Yellowknife who are still making great food, even though we can’t dine in just yet.


To enter the draw, just order takeout or delivery from a minimum of three different locations between June 10-17, spending a minimum of $20 in each location (excluding delivery fee if applicable). Remember to keep your receipts!

Out of your three choices, two must be one-of-a-kind local restaurants that aren’t part of larger chains based outside the NWT.

Feeling hungry? You can do more than three! Every additional local restaurant (not part of a national chain) on top of your first three gets you an extra entry in the draw.

One lucky Takeout Week participant will win a $1,000 Canadian Tire gift certificate, while Trevor’s Independent Grocer is giving away stay-home themed gift packs.

Entering is easy. Submit photos of your receipts using the Takeout Week form and you’re ready to win!


(Can’t access the form? Send your receipts attached to one email to with details of where you ate and when.)

The deadline to submit your receipts is 11:59pm MT on June 20, and the draw will be conducted by Cabin Radio on or before July 3.

“We know not everyone has spare cash right now but, if you can afford it, join us in Takeout Week and help your local restaurant industry get through the pandemic,” said Takeout Week organizer Sonia Idir, returning after her phenomenally successful Yellowknife Burger Week earlier this year.

“Every dollar spent stays with the restaurants you choose,” said Sonia, “and helps them pay their staff in this difficult time.”


The Rules

  • You need at least 3 receipts in total, from 3 different restaurants, including at least 2 local restaurants that aren’t franchises.
  • All receipts have to be dated between June 10 and June 17, 2020.
  • Each receipt has to be for a minimum of $20 excluding delivery fees, if applicable.
  • More than one receipt from the same restaurant doesn’t increase your chance of winning.
  • You can’t use the same receipt in more than one online passport.
    -For each extra LOCAL restaurant (we define local as a restaurant that isn’t a franchise of a larger company that exists beyond the NWT) on top of the 3 minimum restaurants required, you get one more chance to win.

3 local restaurants OR 2 local restaurants and 1 chain: one chance to win
2 local restaurants and 2 chain: one chance to win
4 local restaurants: two chances to win
3 local restaurants and one chain: two chances to win
5 local restaurants: three chances to win

Cabin Radio employees and their family members can’t win prizes through this promotion but absolutely CAN still support local restaurants!