For a third time, RCMP investigate NWT-BC border gate damage

NWT police are investigating a third report of damage to the gate that seals off Highway 7 between the territory and British Columbia.

The gate, 10 km north of the BC border, is designed to stop direct traffic between the Dehcho and the south during the Covid-19 pandemic. Vehicles must travel via Alberta and use Highway 1 instead.

Fort Liard RCMP say they received the latest report of damage from the NWT’s Department of Infrastructure on Wednesday.


An investigation has begun and the gate has been resecured.

“Similar instances occurred on April 11 and May 31. Charges have been laid in connection to both these previous incidents,” RCMP stated in a news release.

The NWT’s emergency management team, overseeing border security during the pandemic, has in the past pledged to upgrade measures on Highway 7 if the border gate proves ineffective.

Cameras were introduced in early April.

Anyone with information about the latest damage to the gate is asked by RCMP to call the Fort Liard detachment at (867) 770-1111 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477.