Capacity at Fred Henne will be monitored to ‘reduce crowding’

Last modified: June 30, 2020 at 1:05pm

The beach and public day-use areas at Yellowknife’s Fred Henne Territorital Park will be monitored this summer to ensure physical distancing is followed.

The NWT government announced on Monday afternoon its plan to monitor capacities at the park, saying the measure was an attempt to “reduce crowding.”

In a short statement, the territory said: “Access to the upper day-use parking lot will be restricted and the number of vehicles and boat trailers in the day-use area will be limited.”


The statement did not specify how many vehicles and trailers, or people, will be allowed in the area at any one time.

The territorial government later clarified that the capacity at the beach is 150 people aged 12 and up, but there is no limit on children aged 11 and under. The day-use area has no set limit but restrictions will be put in place according to whether people are able to maintain their physical distance.

The NWT government suggested residents use Fred Henne’s beach and day-use areas during non-peak times – before 2pm or after 5pm – to avoid overcrowding.

Monday’s statement also recommended that residents explore other territorial parks near the city.