RCMP respond to incident on Yellowknife’s Franklin Avenue

At least five police vehicles temporarily blocked part of downtown Yellowknife’s Franklin Avenue as they responded to an incident on Wednesday afternoon.

Traffic was disrupted shortly after 5pm and an ambulance arrived on the scene shortly before 5:30pm.

The exact nature of the incident was not confirmed by police, nor was there any information regarding injuries sustained.


One witness told Cabin Radio an officer had restrained an individual – described by the witness as a Dene man – on the floor outside the post office before other officers arrived.

What initially took place was unclear. Video taken by the same witness, beginning after that point, shows the man being led to an RCMP truck by two officers.

Paramedics were directed by RCMP toward an officer who appeared to have a minor injury. A man could be heard in distress from the back of a police truck.

Officers collected a sum of coinage and other apparent personal effects from the sidewalk outside the city’s post office.

RCMP have been approached for more information.