YK firefighters clear smoke from Crestview Manor

Last modified: July 28, 2020 at 8:08pm

Yellowknife firefighters cleared smoke from the Crestview Manor apartments on Tuesday evening as residents waited outside.

Members of the City of Yellowknife’s fire division and public safety department, along with ambulance and RCMP personnel, attended the building on 52 Ave at around 7:10pm. Traffic to the street was blocked off between 49 St and 51 St for approximately an hour. 

According to one resident, who asked that they not be named, the apartment filled with smoke after tenants “passed out” while cooking.


“Everyone got out safe with thanks to people running around yelling at tenants to get out,” they told Cabin Radio.

Around 7:24pm, firefighters told tenants they were clearing smoke from the building and that they would soon be able to return inside.

By 7:54pm, firefighters had left the scene.