NWT firms up program to help increase childcare spaces

The NWT government has provided more detail about a program designed to help childcare providers cover costs related to building repairs or retrofits.

First reported by Cabin Radio in June, the program provides up to $500,000 for infrastructure projects that will ultimately create more childcare spaces.

“Funding priority will be given to communities with limited or non-existent early learning and child care programming,” the NWT government said in a news release.


In June, education minister RJ Simpson identified Norman Wells and Fort Smith as communities at the top of that list, calling them areas “of great need.”

“We have identified those places and are working to identify others and are targeting those,” the minister said in the legislature.

“I want to make sure we get some things done. I want to make sure we get some childcare spaces that are going to be sustainable in place, especially where there isn’t licensed childcare currently, or not a lot of it.”

Organizations have until August 31 to submit proposals through their regional early childhood consultants.