Watch out for this distinctive parrot, missing in Yellowknife

A three-year-old African grey parrot named Tesla is on the loose somewhere in the Yellowknife area after going missing on Tuesday evening.

Patrick Clancy, Tesla’s owner, says the bird was last seen flying from the Lakeside-Gitzel townhouse area toward City Hall. A reward for Tesla’s return is being offered.

Tesla is between 12 to 14 inches long and has a light grey head, dark grey body, and a red tail.


“The red tail is a dead giveaway,” Clancy told Cabin Radio.

Clancy says he put Tesla – who was inside his cage at the time – on the porch to get some sun on Tuesday. He thinks it is possible someone came by and opened the cage.

“I know the doors were closed. And so he escaped and I saw him fly away,” he said.

“It was pretty windy, so he was gone real fast.”

According to Clancy, Tesla can talk fluently in a human voice. He says phrases like, “Mommy, where’s Patrick?” and will call out for Clancy’s daughter, Brigid.


“If he doesn’t fly out of town, he’ll probably approach somebody or somebody will hear him talking,” Clancy said.

“It’s more likely he’s going to wind up in somebody’s front yard or back yard, or maybe at a bird seed feeder.

“He could be anywhere now. Maybe, who knows, he may try to follow other birds around.”

If you find Tesla, handle him carefully. Clancy recommends putting a stick under Tesla in order for him to latch on to it. He does not recommend that children try to pick up the parrot.


“They can bite really hard; they can do damage when they bite,” he said. “He’s not a biter, but if he’s scared, he might.”

There is a reward for those find and return Tesla.

“We want him back, my daughter misses him,” Clancy said.

He has left the birdcage on the porch so Tesla can identify his home if he flies by.

If you see Tesla, reach out to Clancy at (867) 446-6591.