Women report being followed by vehicles on Highway 3

A file photo of a stretch of Highway 3
A file photo of a stretch of Highway 3. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

In two separate incidents, women driving along Highway 3 reported being followed by suspicious drivers last week.

In both cases, the women said they reported the incidents to the RCMP. Police confirmed they had received complaints matching the women’s allegations, but stressed that “they are two separate incidents with nothing to indicate there is a link.”

Both women have asked Cabin Radio that they not be named.

The first alleged incident took place on August 4, according to one of the women.



In a Facebook post, she wrote that around 11:45pm that night, she left Behchokǫ̀ for Yellowknife. Shortly after midnight, just past the Stagg River, she noticed a vehicle parked on the opposite side of the road.

As she passed the vehicle, the woman said the driver turned around and followed her, flashing their hazard lights a few times.

The woman’s sister explained in her own Facebook post about the incident that the driver tailed the woman for a distance, passed her, then wouldn’t let her pass, and tried to stop her a few times.

“This is very scary,” she wrote.



“Please be aware as there is a driver out there trying to hurt other drivers.”

This went on for about 20 minutes, the woman said, until they were about 10 kilometres outside of Yellowknife and came across two vehicles heading in the opposite direction out of the city.

At that point, the woman said the driver of the vehicle behind her turned around and followed those two vehicles instead

RCMP confirmed they received a report about the incident on Monday afternoon. They said they were unable to follow up, however, as they did not have a description of the vehicle.

The second alleged incident occurred two days later, on August 6, as another woman and her family left Yellowknife late in the evening and headed down Highway 3.

As they approached Fort Providence, the woman said they also passed a vehicle parked on the opposite side of the road. She said that vehicle then turned around, flashed its hazard lights, and began following them.

The woman said she believes she was followed as the driver and passenger in the other vehicle likely believed she was alone. Her partner was napping in the passenger’s seat with his seat reclined at the time, and her children were also in the truck.

The woman said she was driving below the speed limit because it was 3:30am, raining and foggy. She woke up her partner to tell him about what was happening and they quickly stopped and switched seats.



The woman said the vehicle behind them, which she described as a black SUV, possibly a Jeep Cherokee, followed them past Fort Providence and across the Deh Cho Bridge.

At that point her partner sped up, she said, and believes they were able to lose the vehicle behind them when they turned at the Fort Simpson-Enterprise junction.

“I was really scared. I got sick to my stomach,” she described.

The woman reported the incident to police on Monday night after seeing the first woman’s Facebook post about a similar incident.

“Fort Providence RCMP are following up on this investigation, and yes, they are looking to see if there is any video footage that may assist in the investigation,” an RCMP spokesperson told Cabin Radio.

There are high-resolution cameras at the Deh Cho Bridge that capture images of all bridge traffic, according to the territory’s Department of Infrastructure.