Salvaging to return to Yellowknife dump

Yellowknifers who devote hours to rescuing items from the local dump – affectionately known as Ykea – will soon be able to get back to their beloved pastime.

Salvaging, which has been banned at the Yellowknife dump since the onset of pandemic restrictions, will return on September 15, according to a Monday update from the city. 

The city says Tuesday through Sunday, between the hours of 11am to 4:15pm, salvaging may take place in the public drop-off area. Residents must follow guidelines from the NWT’s chief public health officer and all signage in place.


The city also announced that fall amnesty days, where the residential tipping fee is waived, will take place at the dump between September 11 to 13.

Last amnesty week in May, people waited for hours in a long line of vehicles to get into the dump, which was open for three hours a day. 

Finally, the city says large item pick-up will take place from September 14 to 18. During this week, residents with regular curb-side cart collection can have large items collected by the city free of charge. To participate, residents must submit a form to the city by September 11.