Ragged Riders windows smashed in act of vandalism

Last modified: September 24, 2020 at 4:12pm

The Ragged Riders Snowsports Society says a trailer at Yellowknife’s Bristol Pit used for registration and rentals has been vandalized.

Max Rossouw, president of the non-profit snowboarding and skiing society, told Cabin Radio that board members on Wednesday discovered two windows had been smashed with rocks.

Rossouw said he was “disappointed” and “a little angry” when he saw the damage.


“We all know kids can be kids, but just breaking windows for the sake of breaking windows is kind-of off-putting,” he said. Nothing had been taken from the trailer. 

A submitted photo shows a rock that was thrown at one of the windows.

The vandalism took place some time after this year’s Mountain Bike Madness summer camp ended.

Facilities for snowboarders and skiers at Bristol Pit are located away from traffic on nearby Old Airport Road. Rossouw said the site has been vandalized in the past, including with spray paint, but this is the first time windows have been broken.


Rossouw said grates were put on some trailer windows this summer to prevent vandalism, but not on the back windows as there is a seacan directly behind the trailer. He believes whoever was responsible for the damage climbed on the seacan and threw rocks at the windows below.

While Ragged Riders has insurance to cover damage and theft, Rossouw said the group likely won’t make a claim.

“We’ll probably just board these windows up because we can’t afford that,” he said.


“It sucks because those are double-paned windows and we heat those facilities in the winter, so any kind of hole in our walls definitely brings up our heating costs.” 

A submitted photo shows the space between the trailer and the seacan.

Ragged Riders ceased operations at Bristol Pit in March due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Rossouw said the group is working with the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission on a plan to reopen at the site this winter. 

“We’re looking forward to this season especially – it’s funny to say – because of Covid, because outdoor activities are in right now,” he said.