No plan for mandatory masks at Yellowknife Co-op

As of Friday, September 25, the Yellowknife Co-op said it has no plan to introduce a mandatory mask rule for customers at its store.

General manager Justin Nelson said the store will comply with all orders given by the chief public health officer, but is not turning away people who opt not to wear a mask.

“We figure eventually, somewhere down the line, it will be made mandatory, especially if there are any cases that are in the Northwest Territories,” Nelson said.


“Until then, we’ll just carry on trying to encourage shoppers to wear masks.”

Nelson said Co-op staff will continue to evaluate the situation and changes may happen down the line.

“Who knows, in one or two weeks we may decide to go that route. For the time being, we’re just going to stay with the status quo,” he said.

All staff members in the store are wearing masks and have a sanitizing routine to follow.

Nelson reminded customers there are dedicated hours at the beginning of each day reserved for seniors and immunocompromised individuals, something he says people often forget.


“If they’re worried about running into people that aren’t wearing masks, it’s a very good time,” he said.

Walmart and Independent stores in Yellowknife both now have mandatory mask rules for shoppers.