Paulatuk marches to raise awareness to violence against women

Residents of Paulatuk took to the streets on Thursday evening to raise awareness of violence against women with a Take Back the Night march – the first the community has held in years.

Dressed in purple, the colour associated with domestic violence awareness, participants marched around the community and enjoyed home-made snacks.

Candace Ruben, manager of the Paulatuk Community Corporation, told Cabin Radio she had the idea to host a march after seeing other communities host their own (Tuktoyaktuk held a walk last week).


It was the first march the corporation has held in at least four years, since Ruben took over as manager.

The event, Ruben said, was a way to bring the community together around an important issue.

“[It was a fun way] to raise awareness for violence against women,” she said.

About 30 to 40 community members joined in.

Lanita Thrasher, a Paulatuk resident, was one of those participants. Wearing purple lipstick to commemorate the cause, Thrasher said she had a great time marching with friends and gorging on cookies.


Residents of Paulatuk marched to bring awareness to violence against women. Submitted photo

“It was really nice,” she said. “There was no wind, and the water was glassy.”

Thrasher used to organize Take Back the Night marches when she worked in the community’s health centre years ago. She said she’s happy to see the event coming back.

“[It’s] just a way to help the community become healthier,” she said. “It is pretty healthy right now, but the awareness is good, and it was good to see a lot of people out.”


Thrasher hopes to see the marches continue in the future, while Ruben said she plans to make them an annual occurrence.