Grizzly bear spotted at Giant Mine site near Vee Lake road

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources issued a warning after a grizzly bear was seen on the Giant Mine site outside Yellowknife.

The bear is believed to have been sighted on the weekend. On Monday, the department confirmed a “large grizzly bear” had been seen near the Vee Lake access road.

“If you are walking or hiking in the area, please use caution,” the department warned.


If you see a bear, the department asks that you report it to a 24-hour wildlife emergency line by calling (867) 873-7181.

“If you encounter a grizzly, stay calm and do not run,” the department said in a statement.

“Make sure the bear knows you’re there. Speak in low tones and slowly wave your arms to appear bigger. Back away, keeping your eyes on the bear at all times.”