If your internet in YK was wonky recently, this may be why

Northwestel, the dominant provider of internet in Yellowknife, says work carried out before the unveiling of new, unlimited data plans may be responsible for recent glitches experienced by some residents.

The company has promised to reveal the Northwest Territories’ first unlimited packages by November 1. Currently, all of Northwestel’s plans come with a data cap above which residents must pay overage fees.

Residents of Yellowknife, Hay River, Fort Smith, and Norman Wells will be the first in the NWT to benefit from unlimited plans, Northwestel said in August.


Federal funding amounting to $62 million will be used to gradually roll out the plans elsewhere in the North.

However, it turns out a big piece of infrastructure work ahead of the November deadline could have been responsible for your connection dropping out.

Asked by Cabin Radio what might explain a recent uptick in complaints by residents, the company said it had been relocating what amounts to its master distribution centre for internet in the city.

“Northwestel was relocating the central control centre for cable internet in Yellowknife, also known as the head-end,” spokesperson Andrew Anderson said by email.

“This work was done over the course of several weeks and every effort was made to reduce impacts to customers to short periods in late-night hours.


“Where impacts were more significant, we posted information on our website and over social media.”

Anderson said work to relocate the control centre is now complete.