Ferry seasons will wrap up imminently, GNWT says

The GNWT on Monday warned residents some ferry services are likely to cease operations by the end of October.

The MV Johnny Berens to Wrigley and MV Lafferty to Fort Simpson are both set to close in the next few weeks, according to a tweet from the Department of Infrastructure.

The annual warning comes around two weeks before the average time at which those ferries would be expected to shut down for the winter as ice sets in.


According to the department’s website, the 15-year average closing date for the ferry to Wrigley is November 2. The 15-year average shut-off date for the Fort Simpson ferry is November 3.

The Peel River and Arctic Red River-Mackenzie River ferries both have average closing dates of November 8 over the same period.

The territorial government urged residents to try to move essential goods as soon as possible.

Updates on the ferries can be found on the department’s website and Twitter profile.