NWT to keep waiving ID card fees for vulnerable residents

RJ Simpson in the NWT legislature in May 2020
RJ Simpson in the NWT legislature in May 2020.

The NWT government said on Monday it will continue to waive fees for “vulnerable residents” looking to obtain a general identification card.

In a news release, the territory said people experiencing homelessness, having difficulty obtaining other identification, or otherwise facing barriers keeping their identification up to date will not have to pay the fees associated with getting a card.

A general identification card , or GIC, allows NWT residents to access services like bank accounts and healthcare. It can also serve as identification for those travelling by air.

Monday’s announcement extends a two-year pilot program that helped income assistance applicants obtain GICs.



Employment minister RJ Simpson said the cards gave people dignity and structure while encouraging self-reliance.

“Bringing groups together to create innovative and sometimes very simple solutions to problems is a good way to serve the residents of the NWT,” Simpson said in a statement.

According to the territory, the program has so far helped 70 income assistance clients to obtain a GIC. Each would have saved $51.