Animal surrender point in Inuvik closed

The animal surrender point in Inuvik’s municipal enforcement office remains closed as the pound continues to be at capacity.

Senior administrative officer Grant Hood told Cabin Radio the department is “currently understaffed.” One municipal enforcement officer recently left their job and another was called away unexpectedly for a family emergency.

Hood said the Town of Inuvik is in the process of hiring more staff, adding stray dogs and animals are “not a big issue” in the community.


Owners are responsible to find their own dogs if they get loose and are “encouraged to keep their animals secure,” a public notice from the town stated.

If residents see a dog at large and know the owner, they are asked to attempt to contact that person.

If residents see a loose dog that “is a clear threat to public safety” and the owner is unknown, they can call RCMP until October 29 at (867) 777-1111.

After October 29, they are asked to call the municipal enforcement emergency line at (867) 678-2196.