Last-minute Tuesday spaces open at YK flu clinic

Last modified: October 27, 2020 at 12:13pm

The NWT’s health authority has opened up last-minute extra spaces at Tuesday’s Yellowknife flu clinic.

The health authority said “excess capacity” at the Multiplex clinic meant slots were now open for Tuesday afternoon. You can book an appointment online and bring a friend to maximize the number of people getting vaccinated.

Information about openings later this week will be shared on the authority’s Facebook page.


“We are also noticing some cancellations for other days this week that are opening up … so check the booking form for availability,” the health authority said. “Anything showing available through the form is bookable.”

You need to wear a mask when going for your shot. Entry is through the side door of the Multiplex into the DND gym.

Full disclosure: Your reporter, a flu shot rookie, passed out at the above clinic this morning after his shot and is writing this while recovering in a comfy armchair. Go easy out there, kids, and bring a buddy!