Watch: Wolverine reported on YK’s Dagenais Drive, Con Place

A wolverine reportedly took a Wednesday tour of Yellowknife as residents shared sightings from Con Place to Dagenais Drive.

The reports are believed to relate to the same animal. Wildlife officers at the NWT’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources were understood to be investigating.

As of 9:30pm on Wednesday, the wolverine’s fate was not clear.


One resident on Johnson Crescent watched as the animal wandered across their front yard, leaving prints in the snow which they later shared online.

Video of the wolverine on Dagenais Drive received nearly 400 shares on Facebook in the space of three hours.

Another resident told NNSL the wolverine had been near the Con Place area of Yellowknife, a kilometre or two to the east, earlier in the afternoon.

While it’s not common to spot a wolverine in Yellowknife, it’s also not unheard-of.


One was reported at the city’s ski club in February while four ended up trapped in a bin at Yellowknife’s dump a year ago.

The territorial government says the animal has a “stable but sparsely distributed population numbering in the thousands” in the NWT.