Amid apparent disqualifications, Pehdzeh Ki elects new chief

Pehdzeh Ki First Nation says Lloyd Moses is its new chief after an election in which, unusually, more than half of the candidates appeared to be disqualified.

The election was originally expected to take place on November 16, with nominations set to close on Thursday. However, the sheer number of disqualifications appears to have resulted in the remaining candidates being immediately acclaimed as the nomination period ended.

In a Facebook post, photographs of the results suggested the First Nation’s incumbent chief, Maurice Moses, was one of those disqualified.


Six out of 10 candidates for council were similarly ruled out.

The reasons for the disqualifications were not clear. Neither the electoral officer nor Maurice Moses could be immediately reached for comment.

The four acclaimed councillors listed in the First Nation’s post are Ernie Moses, Erwin Cli, Michael Pellissey, and Mary Clillie.

According to a previous statement from the First Nation, six councillors were supposed to be elected.