‘A whole city behind us, wishing us well’

Jennifer Dennis in front of Christmas tree with card
Jennifer Dennis in front of Christmas tree with card. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

Bill and Jennifer Dennis say they’ve never experienced anything like their Christmas welcome to Yellowknife.

The couple moved to Yellowknife on December 15 for Bill to take up a new position with the Royal Canadian Navy, but their furniture only followed a week later and they were told they couldn’t unpack till the 27th.

After a few nights in a local hotel, they were left sitting on unpacked boxes in an empty apartment.

That’s when a friend added a post to Facebook, asking for locals to help the Dennises feel at home this Christmas.



Since that message, the family has been flooded with well wishes, cards and warm Yellowknife welcomes.

‘Pretty awesome’

“The outpour from Yellowknife has just been extraordinary,” Bill told Cabin Radio. “It’s really a lot when you even have a person telling you Merry Christmas and welcome to Yellowknife. That goes a really long way.”

Jennifer added: “I never knew how hard it was for me, it’s too overwhelming, especially looking at boxes and not being able to unpack. It’s harder for me because this’ll be the first Christmas that I’m away from my kids.”

When the cards started arriving? “It was pretty awesome,” she said. “I’ve never experienced that before.”

Bill and Jennifer want to thank the city for giving them an extraordinarily warm welcome in extraordinarily cold weather.

“A whole city behind us, wishing us well, really does mean a lot to the both of us,” said Bill.