First YK ice measurements of the season are published

Yellowknife’s first lake ice measurements of the 2020-21 season were published by the Great Slave Snowmobile Association on Sunday.

The snowmobile group carries out the annual measurements on behalf of the City of Yellowknife. The snowmobilers published their measurements to Facebook and the same data will later appear on the city’s website.

Residents should wait until depths of six inches are measured before venturing out onto the ice, according to the city.


The season’s opening figures, measured on November 1, show the ice is at least six inches deep at sites on Long Lake, Niven Lake, Frame Lake, Range Lake, and Rat Lake. (Measurements at individual locations may not mean an entire lake is safe to travel on. Be careful while it’s still early in the season.)

The ice isn’t yet thick enough on Grace Lake, according to the snowmobile association, nor in some areas of Yellowknife Bay or Back Bay.

The ice was just three inches thick by 34 Morrison Drive on Back Bay, the group found, and only around two inches thick at both the boat launch and Air Tindi floatbase on Yellowknife Bay.

The ice was three inches thick at two sites measured on Kam Lake.

A new set of measurements will be posted each Monday until all areas reach at least six inches’ thickness.