This week, the wolverine may be on Hall Crescent

A wolverine in Yellowknife
Tim Morton shared photos of a wolverine's appearance – and the tracks it left behind – in Yellowknife on October 29, 2020.

Yellowknife’s weekly wolverine made its latest appearance on social media as residents reported seeing an animal in the vicinity of Hall Crescent.

Posting to a Yellowknife Facebook group on Thursday, resident Julia Randell reported a sighting, saying she wanted to ensure parents of children nearby were aware.

The sighting could not be immediately verified.

Hall Crescent, on the northwestern edge of Kam Lake, is roughly halfway between Dagenais Drive and Con Place, areas of Yellowknife in which a wolverine spent several hours last week.



It’s not clear if it’s the same animal, though wildlife officers were not able to locate last week’s wolverine.

A week ago, a spokesperson for the NWT’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources said patrols had taken place and traps were set but there was no further sign of the animal.

Wildlife officers were said to be aware of the latest sighting.