NWT residents averaging 10 power outages per year

If you’re an NWT resident, you lost power around 10 times in the past year according to the territory’s power corporation.

In its annual report, the NWT Power Corporation – or NTPC – says the average number of power outages per resident for 2019-20 was 9.79, lasting an average of 22 minutes each.

Attempting to turn this into a good news story, the power corporation argues that southerners actually spent more time last year without power.


According to NTPC, southern Canada had fewer outages (2.65 per year on average) but they were longer.

The power corporation’s stats suggest southerners each spent an average of eight hours and 23 minutes without power in 2019-20, but your 10 NWT power outages only cost you three hours and 39 minutes.

While the methodology used to calculate the figures is not clear, data for southern Canada presumably includes major incidents like Hurricane Dorian and a November 2019 storm which each left hundreds of thousands of Canadians without power for extended periods.

Figures in NTPC’s annual report are for the past financial year, so they stop at the end of March 2020. Data for the summer of 2020, in which outages occurred with monotonous regularity, is not included.

A 20-year plan to replace the territory’s ageing power infrastructure is on the way. The price tag for that plan is not yet known.