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Missing Inuvik man found safe

Last modified: November 13, 2020 at 1:15pm

An elderly man, who was reported missing on Monday after riding his snowmobile to a cabin, has been located by Inuvik RCMP and Search and Rescue.

In a Friday press release, police said an air search was conducted on Tuesday. The man was found in good physical condition in a cabin where he had spent the night after he became stuck in the snow.

RCMP are reminding residents to be wary of ice conditions as they can vary at this time of year.


“Much of the ice in the small creeks and lakes is still unsafe for travel. The recommended minimum ice thickness for snowmobiles is six inches,” the release reads.

RCMP say residents should plan out their routes, bring a GPS tracking device, wear warm clothing, tell people where they intend to travel and when they plan on returning, and to bring extra gear.