Know an amazing NWT volunteer? Nominate them for this award

Thousands of volunteers make a big difference to communities across the Northwest Territories. It’s about time the ones helping your community got recognition.

The territorial government’s annual NWT Outstanding Volunteer Awards program has opened its call for nominations. You have until the end of March 30 to nominate someone but you might as well do it now or else, let’s face it, you’ll forget.

Nominating an amazing volunteer is really simple. Click here to open the form and then hit “submit” at the end, or print it off and fax it if you want to make a government employee have to get up and check a fax machine.


Before you start, you’ll need your chosen volunteer’s address and contact details, so find a way to subtly get that out of them e.g. pretend you’re sending them a late Christmas present.

There are four main boxes to fill out: you need to say how long your nominee has been volunteering (roughly), what work they do, what that work achieves in the community, and what kind of impact that has on local residents.

You also need to choose one of these four categories for your nomination:

  • Youth (under 25)
  • Individual (25-54)
  • Elder (55+)
  • Group

You can only nominate volunteers who live in the Northwest Territories. Judges are looking for length of service, the uniqueness and inclusiveness of what your nominee does, what kind of leadership role they have in their community, and the challenges they have to overcome to achieve their volunteer goals.

Winners get $500 from the territorial government to give to a volunteer organization of their choice, plus a certificate thanking them for their contribution to the NWT.


If you need more information, you can find it on the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs website.