Kids produce video celebrating Fort Resolution

A video produced by Deninu School students about Fort Resolution.

Twenty students aged seven and eight have put together a four-minute video celebrating the community of Fort Resolution.

The video promotes activities like hunting, trapping, hand games and archery, and celebrates spending time in places like Mission Island or swimming at the beach.

“We were working on a unit on Canadian communities. We wanted to start with just gathering information about our own community,” said teacher Sherri Osted at Fort Resolution’s Deninu School.


“We asked our students all the things they found important or special about Fort Resolution and we decided to make a video.”

Osted said the result is a tribute to “all the things you’d expect seven and eight-year-olds to love about their community.”

The video took two weeks to put together, and sees the students narrate a collection of scenes from Fort Resolution and the surrounding area.

Osted, from Hay River, is in her fifth year in Fort Resolution.

Asked what she would have added to the video, Osted said: “The people, especially the kids. They’re hard-working and they do their best at everything they do.”