Father’s lotto gift nets Yellowknife man half a million dollars

A Yellowknife man who received a lottery ticket from his father later discovered the gift was worth half a million dollars.

Mike Stuhec says he will now split the $500,000 windfall with the rest of his family, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation reported in a news release on Monday.

The corporation said Stuhec’s father bought the winning Lotto Max quick-pick ticket – for the July 31, 2020 draw – at a 7-Eleven in Edmonton, then mailed it to him as a gift.


Stuhec didn’t immediately check the ticket but, when he did, discovered it had the right numbers to secure half of a MaxMillions prize.

According to the corporation, Stuhec’s father had decided the money “could be of more use to his son” so had decided to mail him the ticket, without apparently letting Stuhec know the ticket’s value.

Stuhec described “joy” on discovering the ticket meant a half-million-dollar win.

“It’s fantastic, absolutely wonderful,” said Stuhec. “It’ll help a lot.”