Nova Niven announced as Mrdjenovich’s third 2021 build

Construction will begin on two new apartment complexes and a condo project in Yellowknife this April, says developer Milan Mrdjenovich.

Two of the projects – the West Bay Condos and an apartment building on the former Bartam Court site – were appealed by nearby residents. The city’s development appeal board has told Mrdjenovich to alter those plans.

A third project, named the Nova Niven, is newly announced by the developer.


The 52-unit apartment building will be located on what is presently scrub land across the parking lot from the Chateau Nova Hotel, also owned by a Mrdjenovich company.

“It’s been approved, we’ve got a development permit and everything already,” Mrdjenovich said.

The city’s development officer approved the proposal on October 7 and the deadline for appeals expired on October 21. There are no pending appeals.

On School Draw Avenue, at the former Bartam Court trailer park site, Mrdjenovich plans to build a 65-unit apartment building this spring. The project was supposed to be four storeys tall but the development appeal board last week ruled it must comply with a local bylaw limiting buildings to three storeys.

The developer has yet to determine how that November 27 ruling will affect the final design.


At the other end of School Draw Avenue, the West Bay Condo project near Tin Can Hill is going ahead with 21 units instead of Mrdjenovich’s proposed 24 units. That follows an appeal process that wrapped up in October.