Cabin Radio ties arrive, just in time for Christmas

Last modified: December 15, 2017 at 10:30pm


Cabin Radio’s sartorial department has done it again.

Just as the tie wearers of Yellowknife began to dread a predictable 2018 ahead, the Cabin has released a dashing new neck nuzzler in our signature shades of green.*


Only 10 of these ultra-exclusive ties have been produced, and already four have zipped off the shelves of our merchandise closet. That leaves six in need of a home for Christmas.


Get ’em quick!

If you’d like to stop in at Cabin Radio to check out our ties ($60), hoodies (green or black, #60), shirts (various, $20-$25) or hats ($40), message us on Facebook to set up a time.

*If your gender is not traditionally associated with the sporting of ties, please don’t let such an uninspired worldview define your ability to wear our marvellous attire.



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