NWT RCMP to increase traffic enforcement in December

Police in the NWT say they’ll spend December conducting an annual operation that increases traffic enforcement to stop impaired driving.

Operation Gingerbread began on Tuesday and will run until January 1. Road vehicles, snowmobiles and ATVs will all be the target of an increased number of checks on drivers.

“We want to maintain a high-visibility profile throughout this busy season and educate our drivers on the dangers of driving impaired,” said Cpl Sam Munden from NWT RCMP’s traffic services team in a news release.


“Ultimately, we want to stop impaired driving, so we will conduct traffic check stops and talk to the drivers about the various forms of impaired driving.”

RCMP said officers would be “following precautionary measures related to Covid-19” throughout.

Last year, Operation Gingerbread’s opening day saw some 600 vehicles stopped in the Yellowknife area, with nine tickets and 45 warnings issued.