Chickenpox case identified at Líídlįį Kúę High School

Líídlįį Kúę High School in Fort Simpson has reported a case of chickenpox among its students.

The school’s principal, Marty Leach, used Facebook to inform families a letter had been issued by the village health centre’s nurse in charge regarding the case.

Chickenpox is a highly infectious viral illness which has symptoms like an itchy blister rash and mild fever. It can develop two to three weeks after contact with an infected individual and can spread five days before the rash appears.


Pregnant women, newborn infants, and people with weakened immune systems who haven’t been vaccinated, nor had chickenpox or shingles in the past, should see a healthcare provider as soon as possible if they are exposed.

“Please contact the Fort Simpson Health Centre if your child has not had the chickenpox disease or vaccine,” the letter reads.

Chickenpox can be deadly for people with health issues and newborns. Those who may need to see a physician regarding chickenpox should call first to ensure they do not come into contact with others, especially vulnerable people.

People who have or think they may have chickenpox should avoid public areas for at least five days after the first signs of the disease appear.

Infected individuals should not go out in public until the last marks have scabbed over.


Clothes should be washed or disinfected if they have come into contact with chickenpox or any discharge from the throat or nose.

The Fort Simpson Health Centre and nurse on call can be reached at (867) 695-7000.